Philadelphia back in the hunt for 2012 Democratic Convention

Philadelphia back in the hunt for 2012 Democratic Convention

by: Matt

Thu May 13, 2010 at 10:00:00 AM EDT

Philadelphia’s bid for the 2012 Democratic Convention had been so quiet, DCW assumed it wasn’t happening at all. We were wrong:

The DNC Chairman, the Mayor and myself all want this to happen,” explained Rep. Bob Brady, in reference to hosting the Democratic 2012 Convention in Philadelphia, which the city, Brady went on to say, “will need $50 million up front for if they want to host it here.”

“The President [Obama] and [Vice President] Biden have both said they will help raise money if it is hosted here,” added Brady.

When addressing this cost, which could seem insurmountable to the currently cash-strapped city, Brady first referenced the Republican Convention that Philadelphia hosted in 2000. “Every restaurant and hotel in the area was booked,” said Brady, implying that any investors in the 2012 Convention would not only make their money back, but would make a substantial profit to boot. To illustrate the city’s potential for immense profits should the Democratic Convention be hosted here, Brady then explained that The Union League makes $120,000 on New Year’s Day alone as a result of the Mummers Parade.

One CCPA member wondered aloud why the decision is being delayed, if the city will make so much money.

“We’re still negotiating. It seems to be a no-brainer,” replied Brady, going on to add that every time the committee has missed a deadline, the DNC has called with a reminder. To Brady, this must indicate that the DNC would like the Convention hosted in Philadelphia, as opposed to Pittsburgh or Dallas, because if he were on an appropriations committee negotiating several bids and one of them dropped out, he would conclude, “that’s less work for me.”

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Matt :: Philadelphia back in the hunt for 2012 Democratic Convention

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