House GOP Members Pass Bill That Could Cut Convention Funding

House GOP Members Pass Bill That Could Cut Convention Funding

by: Oreo

Wed Jan 26, 2011 at 13:20:24 PM EST

Rep. Kathy Castor of Tampa said a bill moving today on the House floor to abolish public financing for presidential campaigns would also eliminate millions for security for the 2012 GOP convention in Tampa.

In an interview late this morning, Castor said the bill is “moving quickly” on the House floor, and that she has proposed two amendments that seek to save the portion of the public campaign fund that goes for security for national conventions.

“But they won’t let the amendments come up,” she added.

She said she expects a vote on the bill today.

In 2008, the Democratic convention in Denver and GOP convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul each got about $17 million from the fund, to pay for security, and Tampa expects the same amount or more.

Tampa Tribune

You can read more about H.R. 359 here.

Two things not mentioned in the article. Castor is a Democrat and St Louis, Charlotte, Minneapolis and Cleveland will be watching this vote closely.

Update: The bill passed.

A bill to abolish public financing for presidential campaigns, including an end to funding for national political conventions, passed in the U.S. House Wednesday, which Tampa Rep. Kathy Castor said raises concerns about funding for the city’s 2012 Republican convention.

The public financing program provided about $17 million for the Democratic convention in Denver in 2008, and about $13 million for the GOP convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Planners for the 2012 convention in Tampa have been assuming they’ll get a similar amount.

If that money isn’t available, Castor said, it could open a hole in the budget for the event.

“It’s got to come from somewhere,” she said.

But two local Republican congressmen, who voted for the bill, said it wouldn’t affect the Tampa convention.

“Nothing in this legislation will harm Tampa’s ability to put on a first rate convention in 2012,” said newly elected Rep. Dennis Ross of Lakeland.

In any case, the bill isn’t likely to pass the U.S. Senate and become law, said a spokesman for U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, and President Barack Obama has said he opposes ending the public financing program. – Tampa Tribune

Oreo :: House GOP Members Pass Bill That Could Cut Convention Funding

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