Delegates, real and projected

Delegates, real and projected

by: Matt

Wed Feb 08, 2012 at 22:37:10 PM EST

DCW has been a staunch proponent of the claim that no delegates were elected in IA, CO or MN. Why, because, well, it’s true. But in the interest of providing the most information to our readers, as well as because we just like tables, we’ve introduced a second delegate table in the sidebar. The first – consider it DCW classic: Pledged delegates plus announced superdelegates. But in the second, we are going to show you the counts with projected delegates from the caucus states.

The counts for each state can be found here.

We’re using Green Papers’ counts for the projected delegates, but to show you how messed up this analysis can be, here are the projections from last nights states from 3 sources:

MN:  Santorum Paul Romney Gingrich

GP     17       10    6       4
CNN     6        4    2       1
AP     37

Bet you didn’t know MN was winner-take-all! (It wasn’t, but the AP thinks it was).

CO:  Santorum Romney Paul Gingrich

GP     13       12     4       4
CNN    17       13     2       1
AP     18        9

So take the numbers with many grains of salt, but there they are.

Matt :: Delegates, real and projected

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Delegates, real and projected | 1 comments

by: you @ soon

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  • The Media and Numbers! (0.00 / 0) I love that fact that not only can they not resist making up numbers, they cant agree on what to make up, but you can be sure once they decide to source numbers to another media outlet, they consider them “hard” numbers. so if a CNN commentator mentions a set of numbers, and a NYT reporter reports those numbers as being a sourced count, then the next day can post them on the web as absolute fact, though it could have just been a speculation by a visiting talking head!

    and then ABC can say, “The New York Times reports and CNN confirms….”

    by: UplandPoet @ Thu Feb 09, 2012 at 04:59:06 AM CST

    by: you @ soon

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  • Delegates, real and projected | 1 comments

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