NH Releases Delegate List – Huntsman’s Delegates Are Now Superdelegates

NH Releases Delegate List – Huntsman’s Delegates Are Now Superdelegates

by: Oreo

Thu Feb 16, 2012 at 14:47:12 PM EST

John Huntsman won two delegates in the New Hampshire primary. Today the New Hampshire Secretary of State released the delegate list consisting of twenty delegates of which Huntsman got three. Why did they give him three instead of two?

Tuesday 10 January 2012: 20 of 23 of 12 New Hampshire’s delegates to the Republican National Convention are bound to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today’s New Hampshire Primary.

  • 20 12 National Convention delegates are to be bound proportionally to presidential contenders based on the primary vote statewide [RSA 659:93].
  • A 10% threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be allocated National Convention delegates.
  • Allocate delegates based on the 20 12 × candidate’s vote ÷ total statewide vote. Round any fractional allocation to the nearest whole number of delegates.
  • Any delegate positions that remain open (as a result of threshold or rounding) are awarded to the candidate with the highest statewide vote total. – Green Papers

As for the Huntsman delegates you may ask “who cares… Huntsman dropped out.” It turns out that under New Hampshire election law, these delegates are now unbound and are basically superdelegates (aka unpledged delegates).

Candidates must submit a form to the Secretary of State announcing their delegates and alternates

RSA 655:50 Selection of Delegates: Each presidential candidate who has filed pursuant to RSA 655:47 shall file with the secretary of state no later than the third Friday following the last day of the filing period before the presidential primary the names and addresses in alphabetical order of the delegates and their alternates, one alternate per delegate, who shall represent him as his delegation to the national convention.

The delegates that the candidates selected have been released on the Secretary of State’s website.

Jon Huntsman 3 Delegates and 3 Alternate Delegates
Paul J. Collins, Jr.
Renee Plummer
Sarah Stewart

Here is the form that those delegates filled out:


I, _____________ , certify that my domicile is in ward ______  in the city (or town) of  ____________ county of _______________, state of New Hampshire, and am a Qualified voter therein; that I am a registered member of the party; that, if selected, I shall serve as delegate or alternate to the national convention of the ______________ party next to be held for the nomination of candidates of said party for president and vice-president of the United States.  I further certify that, if selected as delegate or alternate delegate, I will attend such convention unless I shall be prevented by sickness or other occurrence over which I have no control.  I pledge myself, if selected as delegate or alternate delegate to said convention, whenever I shall vote, to vote for the nomination of ________________________ as candidate for said party for president so long as he shall be a candidate before said convention.

Note the last few lines. “So long as he shall be a candidate before said convention.” Besides being completely sexist and ruling out that a woman could ever be a candidate for President in New Hampshire, this statement makes the delegate unbound if their candidate drops out.

We all know that Huntsman dropped out and endorsed Romney. We are awaiting word from the NH Secretary of State’s office to confirm whether or not Huntsman has officially released his delegates. If released, due to the penalties, the three delegates for Huntsman will either count for 1/2 vote or he will need to remove a delegate. If the nomination goes down to the wire, every vote will count. For now Paul J Collins Jr, Renee Plummer, and Sarah Stewart will stay off of our 2012 GOP Superdelegate List but we may add them in the near future.

Oreo :: NH Releases Delegate List – Huntsman’s Delegates Are Now Superdelegates

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