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And So it Begins: First Post-Speech Democrat Caves

by: DocJess

Thu Sep 10, 2009 at 16:10:34 PM EDT

President Obama's speech last night left an incredible amount of wiggle room. It was only a matter of time until some Democrats started looking for ways to eviscerate the Public Option. We're not talking here about corporate tools like Max Baucus and Ben Nelson: they sold their souls to the insurance industry years ago. Nor people like Mary Landreiu and Blanche Lincoln who never stood up for anything actually liberal in the past.

Who would it be? The first major Democratic caver?

Yes, kids, we have a winner, and his name is Harry Reid. It took him less than 16 hours from the end of the speech to re-read his dismal poll numbers and make the political calculation that selling out the public option would play to his constituency. He's not right correct, but he did it anyway. 

Harry came out in favour of co-ops.

"The purpose of a public option is to create competition, which is so important, and to create quality healthcare,” Reid told reporters during a press conference. "If we can come up with a concept of a cooperative that does just that, that is it makes more competition and makes insurance companies honest, yes, I think that would fill the bill.”

This was Kent's idea earlier, and when he floated it, we detailed all the different ways that co-ops cannot possibly work.  Wasn't going to work last month, won't work now.

DocJess :: And So it Begins: First Post-Speech Democrat Caves

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the one thing i do not get is the line (0.00 / 0)
that single payer would be too disruptive, and that we have to wait years to set up the insurance exchange markets. i am pretty sure that if we pass anything, and if by doing so, the democrats maintain or add to their majority, they will eventually get everything

Sure you do.... (0.00 / 0)
You get it.

Right now approximately 1/6th of our economy is dedicated in some way to health care. I'm never sure if that's trillions or billions or kadillions, but it's A LOT of money.

Think how much is controlled by the insurance companies. Imagine if they go bye-bye in one fell swoop. It's not as bad as it seems - the actual "real" jobs stay -- the claims processors move over to the companies that would process single payer claims, the nurses paid to "review" and then deny claims go back to actual nursing, but the big losers are the investors and the upper echelons of the corporations. Plus, the indirect monies to advertising companies, sky boxes, kick-backs to drug companies and related industries, etc.

Also hurt are the docs who own their own imaging/lab/home care agencies.

The people HURT are the people who put tons of dollars in the coffers of the politicians who agree to take their money.

It's a corporate giveaway ---

From a political perspective, once single payer takes hold, it is a BOON to Democrats and members of parties which are further left. (Think Bernie Sanders) It's one of the reasons the GOP is so against it.  

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