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Still behind in NC and CT

by: Matt

Fri Sep 11, 2009 at 13:07:15 PM EDT

In North Carolina, it still looks like Sen. Richard Burr (R) can be defeated, but it would be easier if he were running against a "generic" Democrat:

45% Burr, 38% Generic Democrat
41% Burr, 34% Bob Etheridge
42% Burr, 31% Elaine Marshall
42% Burr, 31% Dennis Wicker
42% Burr, 30% Cal Cunningham
43% Burr, 29% Kevin Foy
43% Burr, 27% Kenneth Lewis

It really might not matter who the Democratic candidate ends up being. With Burr's numbers where they are, if the political climate moves back in a Democratic direction any candidate who can raise some money, has something to say and can avoid making a fool of themselves is probably going to beat him. But if things stay the way they are today, or move in a more Republican direction, none of them are going to beat him. -PPP

Elizabeth Dole led Kay Hagan 43-27 in their first matchup two years ago, so in reality there's plenty of time for a Democrat to win.

And in CT:

Rob Simmons (R) 49%, Chris Dodd 39% (Rasmussen)

That's basically the same as Quinnipiac had it in July, Simmons 48%, Dodd 39%, so nothing much has changed in two months.

Matt :: Still behind in NC and CT

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Generic Democrat (0.00 / 0)
Actually, those numbers are pretty interesting. I'd claim that the generic Democrat actually does worse--it's a race to 50%, and Burr comes closest when the opponent is Jane Democrat. With the others, more people say, "I'm not sure, I'd have to think about it/know more about them." That's promising; I'd much rather be losing to an incumbent 41 to 34% than 45 to 38%.




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