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Texas Board of Education Strikes Again

by: DocJess

Sat Sep 19, 2009 at 12:01:00 PM EDT

Back in July, we reported on the Texas board that was looking to revamp education in Texas. This would have included taking George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Stephen Fuller Austin out of the curriculum for younger kids.

They've started meeting. TPM watched:

Yesterday, we spent about four hours watching a spotty livestream of the revival meeting history textbook hearing by the State Board of Education down in Austin, Texas.

Those are the standards on which -- it can't be repeated enough -- publishers base their nationwide textbooks, and the ones that currently contain a clause requiring knowledge of Newt Gingrich.

If you go over to the TPM article, you'll find out that according to the powers that be in Texas, it was men who were most concerned in making sure that women got the right to vote. And it was the Republicans who were the true heroes of the Civil Rights Era. 

It's absolutely true that it was men, and not women, who voted for the 19th amendment. I'm betting that had something to do with the percentage, at the time, of men who were elected officials compared to the number of women. But it didn't happen in a vacuum. Not even close.

And as for civil rights legislation? Voting Rights? Medicare? If memory serves, the year was 1965, the 89th Congress. Senate 68 - 32, House 295 - 140. Guess which party held the majority? Did some Republicans vote with the majority? Sure. Remember, Lincoln was a Republican. But the civil rights movement was certainly not led by the GOP. 

Over time, parties morph. Lincoln would not recognize his party today. Neither would Eisenhower, Goldwater, nor even Nixon. Then, there are what were once called Dixiecrats.

But in the prism of today, with Rush Limbaugh calling for a return to segregated buses, the evangelical right doing everything it can to inculcate children into faith over science, and the teabaggers spreading hate and lies, there is no question which party is which.

We'll see, the red state of Texas, how many people stand up for actual education. 

DocJess :: Texas Board of Education Strikes Again

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