Miami and Orlando drop bids for #DNC2016

Miami and Orlando drop bids for #DNC2016

by: Oreo

Wed Jun 04, 2014 at 13:14:30 PM EDT

Strike two cities off the list of potential host cities for the 2016 Democratic National Convention.


Organizers putting together a bid to host the Democratic National Convention at downtown’s AmericanAirlines Arena — an event with a $50 million price tag for local governments — have recommended withdrawing from the process. They cited too short a time frame to put together a winning proposal. 


“The City of Orlando was honored to be asked to submit a bid for the 2016 DNC,” said Heather Fagan, a spokesperson for Mayor Buddy Dyer. “However, after spending a significant time reviewing the bid package and requirements and consulting with our tourism partners, we have decided not to bid.”   

The 2016 conference dates are not a good fit for Orlando, according to officials, due to high tourism numbers in the summer months when venues and hotel room nights are booked to capacity.  

Oreo :: Miami and Orlando drop bids for #DNC2016

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