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Is today Michael Steele's last day as RNC Chairman? (Yes it is)

by: Oreo

Fri Jan 14, 2011 at 12:03:28 PM EST

Every Democrat's favorite gift that keeps on giving Michael Steele may very well lose his job today. The vote is scheduled to take place after a lunch break. Watch live on CSPAN.

Michael Steele is seeking another term as RNC chairman but is facing four challengers. Candidates vying for the position include a former state RNC chairmen, a former national committee co-chair and a longtime Washington operative who is respected by D.C. Republican insiders and is drawing a lot of their support. 

Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus has secured the most support from the 168 GOP state chairs and national committee members than the other challengers. Former RNC co-chair Ann Wagner could be nominated by Missouri, Tennessee and West Virginia. And Former Bush administration official Maria Cino has secured the support of House Speaker John Boehner (D-OH) and members from Delaware, Ohio and Utah.

Under the voting rules, if no candidate receives a majority in a individual round of votes, more rounds of balloting will be held. Those with little support typically drop out, leaving their supporters to back the remaining challengers.

Should Steele lose it will be interesting to see how preparations will change for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. Steele's RNC is reportedly spending tons of money on it.

Sixth Vote

Reince Priebus - 80
Saul Anuzis - 37
Maria Cino - 34
Ann Wagner - 17

Michael Steele

I think we can see how this will end up with Priebus only needing 5 more votes to win.
Ann Wagner has dropped out before the 7th vote.

Seventh Vote

Reince Priebus - 97 Wins Chair
Saul Anuzis - 43
Maria Cino - 28

Ann Wagner
Michael Steele

The first five rounds of voting have been moved after the jump.

Oreo :: Is today Michael Steele's last day as RNC Chairman? (Yes it is)

First Vote (Out of 168 votes. 85 needed to win):

Reince Priebus - 45
Michael Steele - 44
Maria Cino - 32
Saul Anuzis - 24
Ann Wagner -23

No one dropped out after the first round of votes. They will continue voting until one nominee gets 85 votes. Look for Steele's votes to drop sharply in the 2nd round.

Second Vote

Reince Priebus - 52
Michael Steele - 37
Maria Cino - 30
Ann Wagner -27
Saul Anuzis - 22

It's going to be a long day! And in case you're wondering "What's a Reince Priebus?" Stephen Colbert has your answer.

Third Vote

Reince Priebus - 54
Michael Steele - 33
Ann Wagner - 32
Maria Cino - 28
Saul Anuzis -21

Just a 10 minute recess this time. Anuzis has to drop out. 

Fourth Vote - No drop outs

Reince Priebus - 58
Maria Cino - 29
Michael Steele - 28
Ann Wagner - 28
Saul Anuzis - 24
1 ineligible write-in vote

10 minute recess and then Round 5. Steele won after 6 votes two years ago.Steele has announced that he's not dropping out after falling to 3rd place.

Michael Steele has just dropped out. Thanks for everything you did for the Democratic Party!
Steele releases his voters and asks them to vote for Maria Cino

Fifth Vote

Reince Priebus - 67
Maria Cino - 40
Saul Anuzis - 32
Ann Wagner - 28
1 ineligible write-in vote
Michael Steele

And on to the 6th vote... no dropouts after round 5


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MSNBC: Steele DROPPED OUT !!! (0.00 / 0)

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Since Boehner backed Cino, I'm rooting for her to fail :)

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