Polling round-up, 22-31.08.2015

I am doing things a little differently,  in order to keep my ‘statistical house’ nice and clean.

In five categories, I have collected all polling from August 22 to August 31, 2015. Those links are at my politics blog:

Democratic Nomination, GOP nomination, Presidential D-R matchups, Senatorial/Gubernatorial races and things like fav/unfav, approve/disapprove + specific issues.  Sometimes, I go deep into the poll internals for stuff, especially when something doesn’t quite seem to jive.  I will be keeping this system as long as there is primary polling going on, publishing round-ups twice a month. If you simply go to my politics blog,  you will see that two of five threads for September 1 through September 15 are also already up and running. I fill them up as the data comes in and I have time to really sit down and look at the numbers.  In the future, this is a really handy way to look back and see how things really were.

In the fullness of time, I will have a large national polling (Clinton vs. R) excel table online, likewise for the state polling, so two perma-links will do the trick on down the road.

Hope this helps. Best to all of you.


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