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DNC, DCCC and DNCC Announce Greg Hinton to Be New Chief Diversity Officer

by: Oreo

Mon Oct 17, 2011 at 15:12:29 PM EDT

Position Emphasizes Democratic Party’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Washington, DC—The DNC, DCCC and DNCC today announced that Greg Hinton will serve as Chief Diversity Officer of the organizations, effective October 24, 2011.  Hinton will serve as the first ever Chief Diversity Officer for the DNC and DCCC and will advise the DNCC (Democratic National Convention Committee) on diversity staffing and minority procurement.  This position grew out of the Democratic Party’s ongoing efforts to make sure that the party – from employment to procurement and contracting - reflects the diversity of our country.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “We’re thrilled to have Greg Hinton join the DNC as the Chief Diversity Officer. The Democratic Party has long been dedicated to including talented people who reflect the diversity of our great country, and Greg will bring his talents to bear as we make sure we are living up to that commitment.   I’m proud we’re taking this critical step forward and look forward to working closely with Greg as we strive to take our values of inclusion and strength through diversity to the next level.”

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel said, “Our whole team at the DCCC is excited to have Greg Hinton join us and continue our strong commitment to diversity. This new position is a reflection of the Democratic Party’s continuing and unyielding belief that diversity is a strength and we look forward to Greg’s work to help us honor that tradition.”

Hinton will be leaving his role as chief diversity officer of US Cellular, a major regional wireless carrier based in the Midwest.  Hinton is a native of Chicago.

Hinton has worked in the corporate sector for several major companies (US Cellular, Abbott Labs, Pepsi General Bottlers) and has also worked in the health care provider and nonprofit sectors.  He has developed and implemented diversity/inclusion programs, from both a supplier diversity standpoint and from a hiring/human resources perspective. 

Of his new role, Hinton said, “Diversity in hiring, contracting and procurement has always been of utmost importance to the Democratic Party and I’m proud to serve in this role to help maintain that commitment.  Our party is stronger because of our diversity, and in this new role I will be working to make sure we are harnessing our diverse experiences and points of view in the most effective way possible.  I am honored to be doing this work on behalf of the President and the Democratic Party and believe this new position is a reflection of the Party’s strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.” 

The hire was made pursuant to a recommendation of the DNC’s Budget and Finance Committee.  The DNC embraced the recommendation and, together with the DNCC and the DCCC, has been fully engaged in the process of finding the right person to fill this important position.

Oreo :: DNC, DCCC and DNCC Announce Greg Hinton to Be New Chief Diversity Officer

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