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A Political Junkie's Dream

by: DocJess

Fri Jan 20, 2012 at 05:48:21 AM EST

C'mon, admit it, you LOVED yesterday. Starting with the fact that Mittens didn't win Iowa, followed by the news that the second Mrs. Newt was interviewed, followed by the knowledge that Newt wanted an open marriage, Rick dropping out (sadly, I lost the pool), plus the info about Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain, with dessert provided by Newt actually denying he wanted an open marriage. HEY NEWT -- if you didn't want an open marriage, why were you having an affair? Isn't that kinda sorta an open marriage? Oh wait, it's only open if you get found out AND your wife doesn't kick you to the curb...sorry.

Not to mention the constant barrage against Mittens - not just the polling drop, but the Cayman funds, and losing Iowa. And finally being completely off his game at the debate. "I’m not going to apologize for being successful," he said. Really Mitt? How do you define success? Decimating businesses and the towns they supported? That's success?

And now comes the voting. It should be another fun day, but it will be hard to top yesterday. Here's my personal pick fave ad from all the Super Pac ads....it about sums up everything about the cycle so far.

So who do you think will win tomorrow? I've included Herman Cain since, well, anything's possible...

DocJess :: A Political Junkie's Dream

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