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Super Tuesday Delegate Count

by: Oreo

Wed Mar 07, 2012 at 20:22:02 PM EST

Tonight we'll be tracking the delegate count for the results of the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses

to be
Georgia  0
Idaho 0 32   
Massachusetts 038   
North Dakota 0 711
Ohio 7 3521
Oklahoma 013
Tennessee 1152712
Vermont  09
 4  4
Virginia 0
43Not on Ballot
Not on Ballot  3
Total  8220


7:00 - ABC and NBC call Georgia for Gingrich
7:15 - ABC and NBC call Virginia for Romney. Ron Paul was the only other candidate on the ballot.
7:30 - Romney wins Vermont, ahead in Ohio exit poll.
8:00 - Romney wins Massachusetts
8:40 - Santorum wins Tennessee. Delegate projections starting to come in.
8:50 - Santorum wins Oklahoma
10:10 - Santorum wins North Dakota
11:00 Lots of delegate updates
11:30 - Romney wins Idaho

12:30 - NBC calls Ohio for Romney 

7:30 AM updated delegate #s from AP.
8:20 PM updated delegate #s from AP and CNN
8:40 PM. Added ND delegates. After further review, ND's superdelegates may have bound by delegation decision. So, for now, we've assigned all 28 (not 25) delegates per the election. However. ND's delegates are ultimately totally unbound, so we will not include them in the pledged delegate numbers.We have also removed the projected delegates from Wyoming, and will replace them with the pledged delegates as they are elected this week.

Oreo :: Super Tuesday Delegate Count

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Virginia (0.00 / 0)
While Romney has probably taken all or almost all of the delegates in Virginia, the key number that I am seeing is that turnout in Virginia is half the turnout in 2008.  While Romney according to an exit poll would have gotten a plurality among those who did vote, how many more anti-Romney voters would have come out if there was a real alternative?

Quick Take (0.00 / 0)
First thanks for staying up so late tonight - Oreo!

VT: Romney wins but takes fewer popular votes than Ron Paul and Rick Santorum combined - interesting that Paul finished second would not have expected that or for Santorum to finish quite as well as he did either. Although then what were their alternatives?

MA: as expected

GA: as expected

VA: How did Ron Paul manage to get 40% of the vote - thought Romney would have gotten all but maybe 25% just the anti Romney vote adding to the Ron Paul base probably.

TN: Surprised that Gingrich did not come closer to beating Romney for the second slot.

OK: Ditto as to TN - Gingrich seems to not be fairing as well as he would like in the southern "border states" to make his southern strategy seem hopefull.

ND: Romney 3rd...  an interesting state

OH: Took awhile to call it and Romney eeked out a 1% win but at 38 to 37% for Santorum.

ID: Now this surprises me so far. Thought there might be some similarity with ND when the night started. Romney's most "impressive" win - LOL

WY and AK - lets wait till the morning...




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