Rubio’s 5 Alaska delegates go to Trump and Cruz

And the odds of a contested convention go down a tiny bit:

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump will each have 14 delegates assigned to them, now that Sen. Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign.

According to Alaska Republican Party rules, (Article 5, Section 15, Paragraph 9) if a presidential candidate drops out before the state convention, the percentage of national delegates pledged to that candidate “shall be reapportioned among the Qualified Presidential Candidates.” The delegate count is recalculated according to a mathematical formula.

“The vote was close and while Sen. Cruz had the total vote overall, when it was recalibrated, Cruz got 14.39 and Trump got 13.61, and, by our historically used method, we round to the nearest whole number,” [Party chairman Peter] Goldberg said.

Prior to that recalculation, Ted Cruz would have had 12 delegates, Donald Trump 11, and Marco Rubio 5.

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