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Life is Surreal

by: DocJess

Thu Sep 20, 2012 at 06:27:00 AM EDT

47 days to the election. Like every other political junkie in the internet age, as soon as I am even half awake,  I jump out of bed (which is, of course, shared each night with a smartphone just in case something breaks in the middle of the night...) and bound over to check the overnights.

I took a moment to check around my house this morning. Like every election season, the only food in the fridge is for the puppy. The coffee stash is heavy, though. The one piece of clothing I'm concerned with being clean is my "Register to Vote" tee-shirt, I can work around anything else. The voter registration supplies that are often in a cabinet except for the few forms I carry at all times are now out on the counters in case I need to select a complete pile of registration forms, absentee ballot apps, samples, and Voter ID info for a volunteer. My desk is littered with maps, poll results and other things I need to check against the morning changes. I realize that I need someone to come and clean my house. The puppy, though, is happily sleeping and well cared for (and NOT SPOILED). 

So this morning it appears that Mitt Romney is having money problems. The irony is hysterical.  Floating around Facebook is an infographic showing a map of those states with the highest percentages of tax non-filers: the whole south and Idaho. Caption: Irony, if only Southerners knew that word.

And then the polls. It's looking scary-good. The numbers themselves are good, with even a bit of hope that we get the House back (even Michele Bachmann is endangered), the Senate looking rosy, and the top of the ticket looking especially good when you throw out the polls the exclude cell phones. Scary because it all is for naught if those people don't vote. And I'm not a stay-at-home junkie, I'm an activist, too, and I need to make sure that NONE of my voters decide to stay home because "oh you don't need my vote, we're going to win."

It's all surreal. I finger my voter registration card, and smile at how precious this is to my grandmothers' memory. If they were alive, they'd be so proud. I check the running list I keep of things I have to NOT let fall through the cracks: nothing on that list relates to appearances I need to make relative to registration and GOTV, the things burned into muscle memory. 

And so I say to you: it's looking really good, but we've got 4 debates, the need to keep giving money, and a lot of work. Keep up your guard, keep working...success is within reach so long as we keep up the pace.

Elections are won one voter at a time.
Get yours today.

And thanks for all you do...

DocJess :: Life is Surreal

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Life is Surreal | 4 comments
47 days or less (0.00 / 0)
Less for those of us in States with Early Voting. Early voting here opens on October 23, so looks like 33 days until we can vote. Make sure you check to see when you can early vote if that is a possibility. As the old saying goes, Vote early - vote often. ;o)

On the money front, Mitt is probably having money problems due to the way election financing is done with it split into Primary money and General Election money. I didn't know there was a difference until the Obama camp called me for a donation post convention. It may have been covered here before, I just didn't remember or see it. So all that money he raised pre-convention, at those $50,000 foot in mouth fund raising dinners, was primary money for him. One reason he is spening most of the post convention time at fund raisers, with people that would already vote for him instead of out on the campaign trail explaining how he plans to be a better President than Obama. Oh wait, that's right, he doesn't really have a plan. He just feels entitled to be the next President.

Sitting watching the Daily show yesterday I thought how ironic it was that all the comedian shows were upset at the Republicans for getting Buchmann and others out of the race early because they provided comedy gems every time they opened their mouths. They thought it was going to be boring with Romney winning. Boy were they wrong. He is handing them script gems almost daily. LOL

Good Early Voting Chart (0.00 / 0)

Yup, mail in Absentee Ballot Voting has begun for some, and in person early voting begins tomorrow for a couple States (not swing states though).  

[ Parent ]
Romney Money Troubles (0.00 / 0)
From what I read (not sure how accurate it is), part of Romney's money trouble is that he is relying on so many "max-out" donors. While these donors can go above the limit to the campaign by also giving to the RNC and to state-based victory funds. Thus, while the team Romney contribution totals are good, the Romney campaign itself is not doing as well and is having to cope with the restrictions that come with a large part of the total pie being outside the actual direct control of the campaign and not being available for the campaign's expenses.

Follow-Up (0.00 / 0)

Based on further reading, the problem is that (by law) political candidates get preferred ad rates (the lowest available rates) for radio and tv.  Thus money donated directly to the candidates gets the most bang for the buck.

On the other hand, radio and tv can charge Super-Pacs any rate.  That means that while Sheldon Addelson (and others) are spending a lot of money, they are paying very high ad rates (having drivien the market up with their ad purchases).

Additionally as noted above, to the extent that a good chunk of the Romney money is going to the party which may not be willing to spend it all on Romney, especially when it looks like his campaign is flailing.  In that circumstance, the party could decide to try to save its House majority and to try to win a handful of close Senate races.

[ Parent ]
Life is Surreal | 4 comments




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