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They'll Call it The University Of Denver... We Call It DU

by: Oreo

Thu Sep 27, 2012 at 09:37:14 AM EDT

If you're from Colorado you know that The University Of Denver is almost always referred to as DU.

Here are some facts about DU that even Denver residents may not know. (From the University of Denver website).

History & Tradition

Established in 1864 in downtown Denver by John Evans, Colorado Territory’s second governor, who also established Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. Originally chartered as Colorado Seminary. When the Seminary was reorganized in 1880, the University of Denver was established as the degree granting body and Colorado Seminary as the property holding corporation. The University does not have a religious affiliation. The University of Denver is known as DU on second reference.

Vision: The University of Denver will be a great private university dedicated to the public good.

Values: In all that we do, we strive for excellence, innovation, engagement, integrity, and inclusiveness.

Mission: The mission of the University of Denver is to promote learning by engaging with students in advancing scholarly inquiry, cultivating critical and creative thought, and generating knowledge. Our active partnerships with local and global communities contribute to a sustainable common good.

Mascot: Pioneers

School Colors: Crimson & Gold


• Chancellor Robert Coombe

• Provost Gregg Kvistad


• 640 Full-Time Instructional Faculty (Fall 2010)

• 604 Part-Time Instructional Faculty (Fall 2010)

• 10.8% are domestic minorities (Fall 2010)

• 47% are women (Fall 2010)


• 1,623 Total Staff (Fall 2010)


• University Park Campus is 125 acres

• Eight miles southeast of downtown Denver

• On RTD’s light rail system

• In the past 15 years, the University has invested more than $700 million in new facilities, including the Daniel L. Ritchie Center for Sports and Wellness, site of the Oct. 3, 2012 Presidential Debate. The Center, named after the 16th chancellor of the University, covers some 440,000 square feet and serves both the campus and Denver community in providing sports, wellness and event opportunities. The Center includes Magness Arena, site of the debate hall, as well as the Benjamin F. Stapleton Jr. Tennis Pavilion; Coors Fitness Center; El Pomar Natatorium; Gates Field House; Hamilton Gymnasium, site of the media filing center; Joy Burns Ice Arena; Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium; and the University of Denver Soccer Stadium.

• Other recent additions and major renovations include the Leo Block Alumni Center, the Joy Burns Center, home of the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management; the Merle Catherine Chambers Center for the Advancement of Women; the SIÉ CHÉOU-KANG Center; Craig Hall; the Daniels College of Business; the Fisher Early Learning Center; John Moye Hall; Nagel Art Studios; Nagel Hall; Nelson Hall; F.W. Olin Hall; the Newman Center for the Performing Arts, home of the Lamont School of Music; the Frank H. Ricketson Jr. Law Building, home of the Sturm College of Law; The Ricks Center for Gifted Children; Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall, home of the Morgridge College of Education; and Sturm Hall.

Oreo :: They'll Call it The University Of Denver... We Call It DU

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