#DNC Update: 3 Weeks Out

dnc2016It’s just 3 short weeks to the convention! We’re all excited here at DCW: can’t wait to be there amoungst the delegates, protesters and famous people.

We’ll be posting interviews starting next week. So far: three politically-active folks, a young woman completely new to politics, and a protester. We’re working at getting interviews with other folks planning on attending. If you’re attending the convention and want to be interviewed, let us know and we’ll interview you, too. A convention is not just “a thing” but thousands of personal stories.

There’s a rumor that Hillary’s acceptance speech will be held outdoors at ┬áCitizens Bank Park or Lincoln Financial Field in lieu of indoors at the Wells Fargo Center, similar to what Barack Obama did in 2008. But it’s iffy.

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