Will Clinton or Trump give their acceptance speech outdoors?

Eight years to the weekend that DCW broke the news about Obama possibly giving his acceptance speech outdoors, as DocJess noted, the rumors are flying again:

Discussions are in the works to move Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention away from the Wells Fargo Center to a larger location, Billy Penn has learned.

Philly Congressman Bob Brady said nothing has been finalized but “there’s talk about it.

“It’s a good idea by the way, too,” said Brady, who is honorary vice chair of the DNC. “It engages people and gets people involved.”

Morgan Finkelstein, deputy press secretary for the Democratic National Convention Committee, denied there were discussions of moving Clinton’s speech: “This is absolutely incorrect. There is no talk of changing venue. The Convention will take place in the Wells Fargo Arena from Monday through Thursday and any speculation to the contrary is misinformed.”

Of course, they denied it in 2008 also, until the second they announced it.

Trump, on the other hand, is staying indoors:

He has also ruled out speaking on the final night of the convention from an open-air stadium rather than from inside Quicken Loans Arena — too expensive, he worried — even though he was intrigued by the idea of landing on the stage in a helicopter. “Pretty cool,” he said.

I have only one question. Is he going to wear his hat during his acceptance speech?

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One thought on “Will Clinton or Trump give their acceptance speech outdoors?

  1. tmess2

    I am seeing two Trump acceptance speeches. The one that his staff writes for him, and the one that he thinks that he should give. The latter would be much more entertaining.

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