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Sunday with the Senators: Self before Others

by: DocJess

Sun Mar 31, 2013 at 17:57:34 PM EDT

In no particular order, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Jim Inhofe are planning a filibuster on the gun control legislation coming to the floor of the Senate. Not a real filibuster, but one of the quiet ones where no one stands up and talks...rather one where they just don't let it get to the floor.

How appalling.

When Rand Paul filibustered a few weeks ago, he spoke of drones, and that led to a nationwide discussion. And you can respect him for doing so.

These five guys aren't going to get up and explain why they're opposed to background checks on all purchasers, nor any of the reasonable pieces included in the legislation, and supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans. They won't stand up because there is no real reason for the opposition, it's diametrically opposed to positions they take on other issues, and it will be entered in the record and used against them in future races. 

Let's look at the background check thing. These five guys are in favour of even more stringent background checks for things like drivers licenses and voter registration. Driving is a lot less lethal that firing a gun, and voting is completely benign in terms of the direct taking of life. One could contend that a drunk driver can do a lot of harm, and that all the people who voted for Shrub caused a lot of death, but it's not the same as pointing a gun at someone and firing. Remember, Adam Lanza fired over 1,500 shots in just a few minutes. 

They know that there are background checks for people buying guns through legitimate gun stores, but not at gun shows, nor private sales. In major cities, there is an issue of straw buyers: the requirement that the straw buyer would have to check the background of the criminal for whom he/she bought the gun....you know where this is going.

The most base explanation is that the majority of gun killings occur in poor, minority neighborhoods. I'm not calling these five guys racists, but if the shoe fits. Honest, check the statistics here....it strikes me that they like all sorts of legislation, like Stand Your Ground, that get minorities killed at a disproportionate rate. I can't think of another reasonable line of thought that explains why background checks are okay for gun stores but not gun shows. Or straw purchasers, but that goes without saying.

There is also the issue of cowardice. Opposed to background checks, and giant magazines, and everything else? Get up and say WHY. Put it on the record. Explain your beliefs. But these guys can't: especially Paul and Rubio who are both planning on running nationally in 2016. 

Shame on you boys. Shame.

DocJess :: Sunday with the Senators: Self before Others

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maybe we need to rebrand the red states (0.00 / 0)
as the yellow states. cowards buy guns, cowards defend gun sellers, makers and buyers, especially the buyers who have no business buying guns. then when those guns end up in black neighborhoods, they use the fear of black guys with guns to promote restricting civil liberties, the right to vote and a whole host of other things, like cutting funding for headstart, free and reduced lunches, govt subsidized day care and anything else they can think of.

Blue states and yellow states, will be kinda pretty and eastery




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