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America, 2013

by: DocJess

Fri Jul 05, 2013 at 07:16:35 AM EDT

Last night I went to the concert and fireworks with a bunch of compadres and local candidates. We registered a few voters, and found a few volunteers for the FriendsterTM program. Despite the fact that I walked to the park, I'd never gone over on July 4th before. This was Americana. The ball fields were filled with people playing Frisbee and catch. There were kids in strollers, older people with canes, and everyone in between. People dressed patriotically. They spread blankets and had picnics. The local fire department sold cold water and warm pretzels. The music floated out of speakers spread throughout the park. I don't know exactly how big the park is, but I've gone running there, and the outside path is about a mile and a half, so it's pretty big.

I walked across the ball fields from the band shell to go home and looked at the faces. It was so heartwarming to see so many different kinds of people. This town used to be lily white. As per the 2010 Census, whites had fallen to 83%. When I moved here in the 1980's, Republican registration was over 80%, and now it's closer to 40%, and there are almost an equal number of Democrats (and yes, it's higher in my precinct.) While this place won't be minority-majority in my lifetime, I am glad to live in a place with diversity. 

Those are my reflections on a great American anniversary. While browsing around the web, I found this quiz.  It's based on the US citizenship quiz. If you're a regular reader of DCW, you'll get 100%. And then you can print out a certificate! I assume they don't randomize the questions, and so you better get question 14 correct: the clue is....the first Tuesday after the first Monday....it should be as ingrained in you as fingers, hands, fingers, fingers, fingers.

Have a great weekend. I'll be back on Sunday talking about Mitch McConnell's challenger and how that race might go. 

DocJess :: America, 2013

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America, 2013 | 2 comments
20, of course, but i was wondering (0.00 / 0)
are there really any people in your part of PA that you havent already registered?:)

Registering Voters (0.00 / 0)
Since I started the 2013 drive on Monday, I've registered 2 people who weren't citizens at the last election (and I'll catch a third who wasn't home on Monday), people who have moved into the neighborhood, and a kid who just turned 18.  

[ Parent ]
America, 2013 | 2 comments




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