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What you can do about the Hobby Lobby decision

by: DocJess

Tue Jul 01, 2014 at 05:18:35 AM EDT

Of course you're outraged. 

But it is not enough to be angry at the idiot branch of the Supreme Court.

You can howl, you can discuss, you can read about why this is so wrong on every judicial and religious level imaginable, but again, not enough.

Today is 1 July. Three days shy of Independence Day which celebrates the ends to which reasonable, thinking, decent people will go for freedom. They risked their lives, and sometimes died. You don't need to go that far.

What you need to do, starting now, is to politic. When you go out and about, tell your friends instead of complaining, plan to VOTE this November fourth. Learn who all the candidates are in your location and surrounding areas: all of the House, slightly over a third of the Senate, and a ton of state and local offices will all be on the ballot. Promote your candidates. Keep a list of polling places, or a phone app so you can tell people where to vote so you can help those who may be new to the area. Never leave home without voter registration forms, a clipboard and pens. Take names so you can remind people to vote. Have them fill out promise cards, and then mail them on 29 October. Pick a candidate, and sign up to work.

The crazies won NOT because Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Alito and Thomas made the decision on their own, but because the wingnut branch of the GOP controls the House, has given cover to corporatism and false religions and thus created a framework inside which these men could do this. Actually, were encouraged by their masters to do so. 

We lose because we don't vote. We don't take the time to learn the names of the candidates, much less work elections. We lose because we don't bring our neighborhoods to the polls. We can lose this year because we're so focused on the 2016 presidential election that we forget that today matters, holding the Senate matters, and taking back the House matters.

Pull out those checkbooks and give until after it hurts. 

We need to stop losing. We need to return our state houses, local governments and the House to sanity.

Quit complaining.

Start working. 

DocJess :: What you can do about the Hobby Lobby decision

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Knee Jerk legislation (0.00 / 0)

The anti-health care folks also won because Congress in the 1990s had a knee jerk reaction to another bad Supreme Court decision -- Smith v. Division of Employment Security.  In that decision, the conservatives on the Supreme Court found that the Free Exercise Clause did not actually give any protection to religious practice and that a government rule could validly limit religious practice as long as that rule was generally applicable.  In response, Congress (almost unanimously) passed a law (the Religious Freedom Restoration Act) imposing the most stringent test on federal legislation that interfered with religious liberty.  It was that law that the majority used to reach its decision.

I think the decision was wrong because it accepted the framing of the issue from the employer's perspective rather than the employee's perspective.  Once it was viewed from the employer's side (and they looked at the mechanism being used by DHHS for actual religious organization), the result was pretty inevitable under the RFRA. 

All in all, a perfect example of what happens when poorly considered legislation is passed in a rush by legislators afraid to take a stand and closely examine legislation. 


I think it's worse than that... (0.00 / 0)
You say
I think the decision was wrong because it accepted the framing of the issue from the employer's perspective rather than the employee's perspective.

I think it's actually a reaction related to Mitt Romney's saying "Corporations are people, my friends."

If this were actually related to RFRA they would have included things like vaccines, blood transfusions and other "religious exemption" things. They didn't - they limited it to contraception. Not Viagra or vasectomies -- women's birth control. The decision was so narrow as to bespeak the insanity of men who want to force women to have children.

It's horrific.

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