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Happy Fourth of July, Independence Day

by: DocJess

Fri Jul 04, 2014 at 06:25:43 AM EDT

I took a look at some of my older posts on July fourth. A lot of "I'll be out registering voters" in them. A lot of pride in being an American. A lot of awe for the people that founded America. So let's start...

A very Happy Fourth to you and yours from the DCW team. Stay safe - there's some bad weather out there. Enjoy the cookouts and the fireworks. Register a voter. Every year at this time, I check my car to make sure that the mobile voter registration booth in my trunk has everything it needs - pens that write, unbroken clipboards, informational handouts. This year, I've ordered promise cards. There's a photo of what they'll look like when they arrive after the jump. This year, instead of just registering voters, I'm going to help make sure they vote.

I've been spending a lot of time in Philadelphia recently. Every chance I get, I pause at the Constitution Center. When I have time, I go up to the second floor balcony and look south to Independence Hall. And I think. Sadly, too much about the millions of Americans who scream "Illegals Out" and "No birth control" and "Whites Only" and yet cannot pass a basic Citizenship Test. The test is simple, you can take a sample here. Now, you'll get all the questions correct, just don't overthink anything. They're asking for the de jure not de facto answers. For example, the answer to "Who vetoes bills?" is "The President" NOT "The Koch brothers before a bill even reaches the floor of the house." 

Mostly though, I get past my anger and think of the men, guilty of treason, who were willing to die so that today, we can breathe free. 

I wonder what they would think about the idiots in Murietta, CA, who blocked buses with little kids from getting to a place where they could get something to drink, something to eat, and a shower. While there were"passports" on and off since the Revolution, they were sometimes Federal, sometimes state, and sometimes created by notaries public. It wasn't until 1918 that there even was an actual law requiring passports. If you think about it, most people whose ancestors came to America prior to 1918 didn't have passports from their country of origin, they were certainly not native-born, and there was this concept of "the melting pot." Damn racists. 

I wonder what the Founding Fathers would think about the current House of Representatives. As always, I refer to Federalist #10. (Link here) James Madison is turning in his grave. For sure. The tyranny of those holding the whole country hostage is something he, and other founders, railed against.

We get the government we deserve, they say. Personally, I feel I deserve better. And so, as always, I'll be working for it. Not yet with respect for the 2016 presidential race, rather to take back the states, hold the Senate, and possibly win back the House. Please help me! Go out and register a voter. Order your own promise cards and get people to fill them out. Spread your net now, remind people of what the Republicans do to harm us all on a daily basis. It's a real election this year: let's make this 2008 and not 2010. 

Have a great fourth, folks. Go get a voter!

DocJess :: Happy Fourth of July, Independence Day

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