Vote by JessWhile technology and methods have changed over time, the essence of what a campaign does has not changed since colonial time.  Campaigns have three basic tasks:  1) Identify favorable and potentially favorable voters; 2) Persuade voters to support you; and 3) Get Out your voters on election day.

For all intents and purposes, the identify and persuade phases of the campaign are over, and we are down to the GOTV part of the campaign.  With many states having early voting, the GOTV effort has been well under way in many states.  To everyone who has voted, thank you.  Each person who votes early is one less person waiting in line or getting delayed by traffic on election day.

To those who have not voted yet, please, please do.  As the authors on this site have posted for months, this election is too important to skip.  If you do not know where to vote, click here to find your location or click here.  If those links do not work, most state and local election authorities have a link to help you find your polling place.  Additionally, please check your state and local election authorities for sample ballots and your state’s version of ID requirements.  Knowing what races and proposition are on your ballot can speed up the voting process, particularly if there are a lot of races and propositions in your city/county/state.   If you have any problems voting or notice any problems, you can call 844-464-4455 for the Democratic Party’s voter assistance hotline.

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