It’s Been a Week

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One week ago, more than FOUR MILLION people worldwide marched in solidarity. If you were at any of the marches, you know how awesome a feeling it was. In the intervening week, we’ve watched the White House try to accomplish things, and seen the huge amount of pushback: from government agencies, from elected lawmakers and from regular citizens.

I’ve seen two overwhelming contrasts: first, the Trump group knows absolutely nothing about the actual business of governing nor foreign policy, and second, that the power of the people is absolute. The administration tried to shut down communication between agencies, and their ability to communicate with the people: they created alt-twitter accounts. The administration tried to convince people that Mexico would pay for the wall: Mexico said no. They said “okay, we’ll add a 20% tariff” and suddenly everyone understood those dollars would not come from Mexico, but rather from people in America trying to buy things like fruit, vegetables and cars…it would just be a VAT. ¬†Suddenly it’s being walked back.

Yesterday’s order on entry into this country? Signed on Holocaust Remembrance Day? People were in the air when it was signed. They arrived to America and were detained. The first Iraqi has already been freed, while others are in detention and still others were immediately deported. The ACLU is spearheading a group that sued, and is making progress. Protests sprung up today, and will continue at other locations tomorrow. It’s immediate response!

Most encouraging are the number of people I’ve heard from personally — and I know I’m not the only one…People who I have tried to get involved in political action for DECADES are running at me with open arms and asking “what can I do?” Indivisible Groups are forming nationwide, and again, people who’ve never been willing (“I can’t make phone calls” “I can’t knock doors”) are out there, organizing their local areas. BRAVO! To ALL of you. ¬†There is no doubt that the Trump administration is headed by a crazy person, and that they themselves have no ability to control him, nor convince him that “governing” is different from campaigning and there is work to do. Days are dark but we are making progress as we #resist together.

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