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The Path Forward

Looking at the Republican debacle over Health Care, I was constantly reminded of two things.

First, I keep on thinking of a classic Saturday Night Live skit from their third season portraying Richard Nixon as a vampire-like figure who keeps coming back.  Like Nixon in that skit, just when we think that the Republican efforts at gutting health care are done, they find a way to resurrect the bill.  Since the Senate never actually voted on the final bill (which was put back on the calendar after the substitute amendment failed), it could be brought back to the floor at any time.

Second, I am reminded of Representative Pelosi’s comments while the Affordable Care Act was pending that we would not know what was in the bill until it finally passed.  While Republicans made a lot of hay out of this comment, she was expressing the reality of the legislative process.  Until the vote on the final version of the bill, it is possible that legislators will add new provisions and delete others.  Normally, however, under ordinary process, there is a core of the bill that stays relatively the same.  With this bill, the Republicans have treated the bill as a placeholder.  The message in the House and the Senate has been just pass this bill whatever its flaws and we can decide on the real terms of the bill later.  The concept that the conference committee would write an entire bill from scratch as opposed to merely reconciling the disagreements between the two houses is mindboggling. Continue Reading...

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Here’s What We Do: Step 1

The basic plan will be to align with national and local organizations to get people elected to local row offices, county and state positions so that we build our bench and end up in the best position possible for redistricting after the 2020 elections. There will be a lot more on that over the next weeks and months.

For now, step one is that we take back our name. Over the past decade, we have allowed the Republicans to change us from “The Democratic Party” to “The Democrat Party.” We need to take the title “Democratic” and the term “democratic” back. Start today. Correct others. Think about it: we are both a party and a concept about what this country should be. The concept “of, relating to, or supporting democracy or its principles.”

Some of those principles are codified in the US Constitution. So memorize this: Continue Reading...

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What We Are

This video talks about what it means to be a Democrat. Watch it. Listen. REMEMBER that we Democrats are not just an election, and we are not individual candidates, we are all of us. We are our voices, our values, and our history. Are we all perfect 100% of the time? Certainly not: but our record is truly something of which we can be very proud.

So now that you’re proud, take step two and watch my favourite political video of all time.

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