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Happy New Year

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Who “Cost” the Election?

I spent Election Day working for the county, greeting voters, putting those voters in one of six lines to make things move more quickly. Our polling place saw about 2200 voters that day, plus 184 absentee ballots. From that one polling place, there is a lot of insight about what went wrong.

The loss was obvious when the tape was run a little past 9, indicating that while Clinton had won the vote, turnout wasn’t high enough and the percentage wasn’t big enough. This ended up being the pattern across both the state of Pennsylvania and the country at large.

First, an anecdote that explains something. The voter who came out from voting grinning ear to ear, proud. Told me that although a lifelong Democrat who had never voted for a Republican, she proudly voted for Donald Trump. Why? “I did all my research because I wanted to be really sure and I think Clinton went bad when she shot all her partners at the Rose Law Firm and then Vince Foster.” When told that never happened, the response was: “Yes it did. I read it on the internet.”

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Vote Suppression 2016

Save the WorldToday’s news included an “off-the-record” admission from inside the Trump campaign that they are trying to suppress the vote.   This admission is not news for many Democrats.  It is an open secret in this country that low turnout usually favors Republicans, while higher turnout tends to favor Democrats.  In 2016, voter suppression takes three forms.

First, voter suppression can be built into the election system itself.  For example, unlike many democracies, the U.S. holds elections on a weekday (not just the general election, but also, in most states, primaries and municipal and special elections).  In most, if not all states, election days are not a holiday.  That makes it harder for folks to vote.  Additionally, there are hurdles to registering to vote (fewer today than in the past).  In particular, most states cut off registration weeks in advance of the election and you have to register every time that you move to a new county.

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Where are the Battlegrounds?

   Party committees — whether it be the Democratic National Committee or your local county or township committee —  serve three basic functions in politics.  First, they try to find good candidates to run for office — preferably candidates that the committee views as having a strong chance at winning in the general election.  This function can become controversial when other folks also want to run and people start complaining about the party trying to rig the race or stack the deck.  Second, the party committees raise money.  Particularly at the national level, where big money is involved, this function sometimes looks unseemly as both parties typically offer access to party leaders to big dollar donors.  Finally, the parties decide what to do with the money they raise.  Some of this money go to basic party building activities, paying for voter databases and committee staff that help all of the candidates.  But, at both the state and national level, there is money to go for staff for field offices in certain states and certain areas of states and to spend on party sponsored ads.  Similarly, the campaign of the presidential campaign also has money for staff and ads.  The question for the party committees and the presidential campaign is where to put the staff and where to buy the ads.  That question turns on conclusions about where the most bang can be gotten for the buck — which states are the battleground states, those with a close battle where the extra resources could potentially swing the election.

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Bill Clinton 1992 Acceptance speech

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Jimmy Carter 1976 Acceptance Speech

Notice the walk in from the convention floor, and the long 4 minute pre-speech celebration. This was DCW’s first convention!

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George McGovern 1972 Acceptance Speech

Yes, it was at 2 AM:

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John F Kennedy 1960 Acceptance Speech

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DNCC Announces Final Night Line-Up for Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA – The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) announced the program for the final day of the Democratic National Convention being held in Philadelphia from July 25 to July 28. The night will end with Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of the Democratic Party’s nomination.

In Philadelphia, Democrats have laid out the clear stakes in this election – a choice between building walls and tearing people down or an optimistic unifying vision where we are stronger together and everyone has a role to play in building our future.
The program is listed below:


4:00 PM – 6:00 PM (EDT) 

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The Speeches

It was surprising how hard last night’s speakers went after Donald Trump. I had thought they  would all stay positive, in diametric opposition to the RNC’s no-ideas-only-hatefest last week. But the main speeches were intertwined with condemnation of Trump, and positiveness of we Americans, democracy, the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton. It’s hard to pick a favourite between Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden, it really is, for different reasons, both were masterful. Mike for being a billionaire and an Independent talking honestly about what a con artist Trump is, and showing all of us how the rich actually act. Uncle Joe for reminding us what it means to be proud, patriotic Americans with liberal values. After the jump, both speeches for your viewing pleasure.  Also included, President Obama’s speech, his fourth at the DNC.  That’s fourth so far, but he may reach Bill Clinton’s ten.

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