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It’s Been a Week

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One week ago, more than FOUR MILLION people worldwide marched in solidarity. If you were at any of the marches, you know how awesome a feeling it was. In the intervening week, we’ve watched the White House try to accomplish things, and seen the huge amount of pushback: from government agencies, from elected lawmakers and from regular citizens.

I’ve seen two overwhelming contrasts: first, the Trump group knows absolutely nothing about the actual business of governing nor foreign policy, and second, that the power of the people is absolute. The administration tried to shut down communication between agencies, and their ability to communicate with the people: they created alt-twitter accounts. The administration tried to convince people that Mexico would pay for the wall: Mexico said no. They said “okay, we’ll add a 20% tariff” and suddenly everyone understood those dollars would not come from Mexico, but rather from people in America trying to buy things like fruit, vegetables and cars…it would just be a VAT.  Suddenly it’s being walked back. Continue Reading...

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Day 1 of Hell

Two executive orders were issued tonight. The first basically prohibits all government agencies from implementing any rules. They can send nothing to CFR. Remember, while Congress passes laws, it’s the agencies that implement them, and they do so via regs sent to CFR for public review and comment and then implementation. Full memo after the jump.

The second order basically allows Ben Carson to do anything possible to prevent the ACA from functioning. Again, full text after the jump. Welcome to North Korea — they are dismantling the Federal government, just like they said they would. And in answer to the question: why are you publishing this? I say: so that there is a record.

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Welcome to the Resistance

Last night I attended the Resistance Forum put on by PA State Senator Daylin Leach. I don’t know exactly how many people attended, but from my vantage point, it looked like well over 500, with the auditorium filled to capacity, SRO. If you’re not from around here, you may not be familiar with Senator Leach. You can read about him here. Here’s what you need to know: Daylin is a progressive, he’s dedicated to his constituents, and he is a truly decent human being. (In the interest of full disclosure, I served on the board of a charitable organization with him.) Anyway, after the jump, the Cliff Notes version of what was discussed. Please feel free to share this post, and contact me if you need a PDF of the information.

The most important takeaway from the evening, for me, was the background of WHY we resist. Yes, there were tactics discussed, but the why truly matters. What Daylin said was that it was less about individual issues (although they matter) and much more about saving democracy (small “d”) because over time, democracies have fallen, and it could happen here, too.  He gave some great markers that should be warnings for us all: the people being chosen to lead us may dismantle the governmental institutions that we rely upon; the suppression of voting rights, a free press, and by extension, free speech. These are things we must stand in opposition to, and things we must be aware of, even if we cannot do anything immediately and directly to stop them.

The Senator pointed out a history of citizen action, of resistance that has worked. He started with the Boston Tea Party, and ended with what the Tea Party began in 2009. None of these actions worked immediately, but all were eventually successful, and honestly folks, we can be, too. Continue Reading...

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