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The Road out of Iowa

In less than four days, voters in Iowa will head to some location in their precincts and cast the first official votes of the 2016 presidential campaign.  Both because of its small size and because of the unique compositions of the respective parties in Iowa (compared to the national parties), winning in Iowa is not essential to winning either party’s nomination.  What does matter is how Iowa sets up the rest of the race.

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A Brokered Convention???

At this time of every cycle, the media begins to speculate about the possibility of a brokered convention.   The speculation rarely goes much further than talking head and the blogosphere.  Over the past fifty years, there have only been a handful of  election cycles in which the ultimate result has been in doubt by the end of the primary process.  The last time that a major party took more than one ballot to choose its nominee was the 1952 Democratic Convention.  This time around, however, the leadership of the Republican Party is talking about the possibility of a brokered convention (although only behind closed doors).  What is different with this cycle?

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#DNC2016 News Roundup

We’re starting to see more and more news on the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

  • Virginia released its delegate selection plan for 2016 this week. You can read the plan here.
  • Pennsylvania also posted their plan for review. If you live in Pennsylvania and you want to attend the convention, you should read this!
  • South Jersey is looking forward to the convention in Philadelphia.

Keep checking back for more news

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