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Late January Tea Party Update

by: DocJess

Thu Jan 28, 2010 at 14:11:00 PM EST

We've written a little about the Tea Bag convention. And a little more. And still more. We can't help ourselves.

We're just a week a way, and today, that bastion of Teapartydom has dropped out. That's right, just hours after Marsha Blackburn said she just couldn't, Michele Bachmann is going to be a no-show

That leaves Spunky, who is rumoured to be getting $115,000 for her speech. And they can't sell tickets. People who bought them want their money back. (Remember, that's $349 PER TICKET for dinner - your choice of steak or lobster - note no vegetarian option.) To wit:

[Tea Party Nation Judson] Phillips has bragged publicly that the tickets covering both the convention and the speech have sold out. Yet Tea Party insiders say that's not the whole story. Anthony Shreeve is an activist in Dandridge, Tenn. who quit the convention organizing committee over the expensive ticket prices. He says he has it on good authority that most of the approximately 500 speech-only tickets have not been sold. Shreeve adds that Phillips "isn't going to sell any more," and says other would-be attendees have been demanding—and receiving—refunds. Late on Tuesday afternoon, I tested his claim by attempting to buy 10 tickets to the dinner. If I’d been prepared to shell out $3,587.10, that would apparently have been no problem. "I really hope that Sarah Palin doesn’t come to this event because it's going to be really embarrassing for her to walk into a half-empty room," says Shreeve.

Amazingly ANTI-Choice people will be protesting against Spunky. 

For the Denver-based American Right to Life, when it comes to abortion, Palin is as impure as any godless feminist. “[H]er words and actions prove that she is officially pro-choice and stands against the God-given right to life of the unborn,” they write in a new report. ARTL members plan to educate reporters about Palin’s many alleged failings as a true believer, particularly her March nomination of a former Planned Parenthood board member to the Alaska Supreme Court and her refusal to call for a ban on the morning-after pill.

It just keeps getting better....

DocJess :: Late January Tea Party Update

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true believer (0.00 / 0)
The way she did pre-labor with the flight and everything made her a hypocrite to me.

Neo-Nazis (0.00 / 0)
Not about the actual Convention, but interesting...

Neo-Nazis, Militants Eye Tea Party for Recruitment

Palin: MERGE (0.00 / 0)
Palin: Let's Merge The Tea Party And GOP
Former vice presidential candidate and current Fox News contributor Sarah Palin said last night that the Republican Party should merge with tea partiers.

Fox's Greta Van Susteren asked if tea party candidates would end up siphoning votes from GOP nominees, or if the movement will "merge with the Republican Party."

"They need to merge," Palin said. "Definitely, they need to merge. I think those who are wanting the divisions and the divisiveness and the controversy -- those are the ones who don't believe in the message. And they're the ones, I think, stirring it up." http://tinyurl.com/y89avxm

So, Palin is digging her hole deeper. First Palin endorsed Perry(TX) and McCain(AZ) while her 'fans' are supporting Medina(TX)and Hayworth(AZ), and now she is wanting the teabaggers to 'merge' with the GOP, pretty funny since The Teabaggers, The Palinites, and The Beckerheads have spent a year(?) bashing the so called 'RINOs' of the GOP, wanting candidates that are 'more' conservative, and saying that the GOP does not represent them.

Palin is imploding!

What I think she menat to say (0.00 / 0)
I think Palin is still confused. I think she means the Teabaggers and the GOP should merge. The real Tea Party is a totally different platform than the Teabaggers and the GOPers. It's just that the teabaggers hijacked the Tea Party over the last two years.

[ Parent ]
Video of remarks (0.00 / 0)
Here's the video of what was asked and answered:

[ Parent ]
Oh-oh (0.00 / 0)
I've got a bad feeling about this recent sequence of events.

I thought this might get Palin in trouble with the TP crowd. What I didn't realize was that she'd quit before she was fired. (Hmm, when I put it that way, it doesn't seem so out of character!)

There's been a lot of talk that sooner or later some centrist Republican was going to call out the TP. Little did we know the "centrist" would be Palin.

That could be a brilliant political move. (I don't know who came up with it. I haven't figured out yet whether Palin is just-plain-dumb or crazy-like-a-fox.) Breaking with the TP purists would make Palin a little less scary to the mainstream Republican party, and probably wouldn't hurt her too much with the low-information voters who form a lot of her base. A lot depends, I guess, if she can somehow bring Fox News along.

I think her chances of winning the 2012 Republican nomination are going up. And if she pulls it off, it would be sad--some of the worst elements of the TP movement would get sucked back into the Republican party, and the actual voices of reason within the party would be shut out once again.




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