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There was a Democratic Caucus in Iowa, too

by: DocJess

Thu Jan 05, 2012 at 06:00:00 AM EST

While many of us have been focused on what O'Donnell calls the Republican clown car procession, Iowa also held Democratic caucuses on Tuesday night. Here's the official statement:

Tonight’s caucus successfully brought our supporters together, and we’re overwhelmed that more than 25,000 Iowans turned out to talk about the President’s record and vision for an economy that restores security for the middle class. We not only saw how excited Iowans are to support President Obama, but to also work for his reelection. The Iowa caucus was a great opportunity to test our campaign organization and expand our volunteer base as we move toward November. In a strong show of support, more than 7,500 Iowans tonight pledged to volunteer for the campaign over the course of the next year, underscoring their commitment to continuing the change the country has seen under President Obama’s leadership.

Our president received 98% of the vote. Sue Dvorsky, chair of the Iowa Democratic Party (and direct source of the quote above) said on the Ed Show that while Romney won 17 of 99 counties, 13 of those counties are Democratic strongholds, and she is confident of Obama's chances in keeping Iowa blue in 2012. And remember that while Mittens beat Rick by 8 votes, he received 6 fewer votes in 2012 then he did in the 2008 Iowa caucuses, with more people attending in 2012. 

To start the year off right, see how you align with the candidates by clicking on the graphic. While the answers may not be all-encompassing, they'll give you a good idea that you still stand with your president. I'm betting that as we go through this year, many others will, too. 

Remember that there are 3 presidential debates just before the election, along with one veep debate. It will be interesting to see which of the multiple-choice Mitts shows up. For Iowa voters, for all of us, it will be a clear choice. And don't underestimate that veep debate: think James Stockdale. While Chris Christie or Marco Rubio,the most likely choices, have some experience, none has the national presence or experience that Joe Biden does. And while neither of them would show up to the debate with a hearing aid turned down, as Stockdale did, experience counts.

In Iowa they planned for the caucus: there are 8 open Obama offices throughout the state, and the ground game is quietly underway, as it is nationwide. 25,000 Iowans showed up for the caucuses. Not so much to vote, nor to watch the brief video conference, but to show their support for our president. 2012 is underway.

DocJess :: There was a Democratic Caucus in Iowa, too

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