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A Look at Today's Louisiana Primary

by: Oreo

Sat Mar 24, 2012 at 10:40:20 AM EDT

Twenty delegates are up for grabs in today's Louisiana primary. These delegates will be bound to their candidate at the convention in Tampa. In order to win delegates a candidate needs at least 25% of the vote today. If none of the candidates hit 25% the delegates will go to the convention unbound (Green Papers).

Twenty-three additional unbound delegates will be selected at the state convention on June 2nd.The convention will decide if these delegates are to be allocated by the results of the primary.

None of Louisiana's three superdelegates has endorsed a candidate.Polls close at 9:00 Eastern Time.

For a full list of primary and delegate information check out our Ultimate Republican Nomination Info Chart

Update: Final Delegate Allocation: Santorum 10, Romney 5, Uncommitted 5. We'll update all the tables and charts on Sunday.


Oreo :: A Look at Today's Louisiana Primary

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Exit Polls (0.00 / 0)

Based on the exit polls, a clear win for Santorum (9-10 delegates). 

The real question is can Romney match the exit polls (something he has so far failed to do in the South). If Romney can stay between 25-30%, he will get 5-6 delegates and the remaining delegates  (4-6) will become uncomitted.  If he falls below 25%, my understanding is that Santorum gets all 20 delegates (and should have a good chance at getting the 18 unbound Congressional district delegates when the district caucuses meet in April). 


CNN is spinning this (0.00 / 0)
as too little too late. I am wondering if this might be the tipping point. Maybe, if Romney cant win in the Red states, he cant win the nomination....




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