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What Happened to Harry Reid?

by: ChadCo

Tue Sep 22, 2009 at 13:16:01 PM EDT

I admit that I have been a strong proponent of bashing Harry Reid for his complete spinelessness on so many issues. Now, he's either realized that he is not going to win as "Captain Compromise," or he has accepted his inevitable defeat and decided if he is going out anyway, might as well take some chances in his final years. Either way, this latest article I read on HuffPo is schocking to say the least, and for once, in a good way. Click here.

I would hope that maybe some people read this post and we get a debate going on what is the best way for Harry Reid to act on this issue, un-arguably the defining issue of the Dem's current reign in congress. My feeling is that it is about time they act like a majority party. Maybe there is hope yet.

ChadCo :: What Happened to Harry Reid?

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Not impressed (0.00 / 0)
Reid seems to hate actually whipping Democrats. Reconciliation is an attempt to let everyone vote the way they prefer, and still maybe get what the President wants. Reid has never been willing to consider putting some pressure on obstructionist Democrats--if they threaten to filibuster, he caves.

Democrats should not be filibustering Democratic bills, and I wish Harry Reid would start exerting some pressure against those who are considering it.

But then... (0.00 / 0)
Harry Reid would actually have to grow a spine.

On a somewhat related topic, the use of the word "reconciliation" AS the senate uses it bothers me. "Reconcile" usually indicates people coming together, as in "Although the couple had separated, they reconciled and are now in Fiji on a second honeymoon."

Reconciliation should bring people together, thus being more similar to a bipartisan, higher-vote-total situation than finding a way to need more votes.

I understand the derivation to come for reconciling the legislation under "auspices" of the budget omnibus....it just seems incongruous.

[ Parent ]
Let them filibuster (0.00 / 0)
Has there been a good filibuster since the invention of the 24 hour news cycle, the cspans, etc? I don't remember one. Only threats of them.

If people want to make fools of themselves reading a phone book or the bible instead of debating and improving bills and the American way of life, I say let them make fools of themselves in the full public eye. Many that do will loose their seats.

Don't see the whole 60 vote deal. It takes 50 plus 1 to pass a bill.  

[ Parent ]
i agree mr ed, and i bet any dem senator who filibusters a dem bill (4.00 / 1)
will have a lot to explain  to his voters..... and should be immediately stripped of all committee posts!

Hear, hear! (0.00 / 0)
That's an excellent suggestion! Reconciliation is such a weird, ugly route. If we're talking about going that way anyway, why not just bring the hammer down: tell Democratic Senators that they can vote against the bill (or amendment, or whatever they're filibustering at the moment), but if they filibuster it they start losing committee posts. Result: we need 50 votes to pass stuff. Makes sense to me.

[ Parent ]
Getting to 50 (0.00 / 0)
It appears that Mass will allow Patrick to appoint a placeholder to the Kennedy seat, but Robert Byrd is in the hospital. He wasn't fully recovered from his last stay there, and since they're talking infection, it's not good. Plus, they don't know WHY he fell, meaning they're going to have to look at balance issues (inner ear, blood pressure, blood sugar).

When the Kennedy procession stopped at the Senate, he was there, in a wheelchair, looking incredibly pained. Whether this was 100% sadness, or physical pain is unknown.

But if Senator Byrd's condition is as serious as my gut says it is, we're down an additional vote - meaning we have 44 instead of 45...

Before Harry gets to reconciliation, he needs to whip more of the blue dogs.  

People are getting angry. (0.00 / 0)
Many individuals are getting angry.  Most of it is due to lies and deceit on information that in the end makes people look like fools who actually listened to it.  These individuals also have a hard time admitting it; it is hard to admit one is a fool.
The president is trying to meet things half way with information and is waiting for information to be reciprocated on the other's views.  The problem is that most of the information that is being returned from the other party is "fear-mongering".  They will not admit that they are wrong.
Could it be that the President is just sitting back and waiting.  Just waiting.  He knows that at a certain level of anger will hit and then the cards will fall as they will.  The Dems have the majority.
The President has been clear that "liers" will be held accountable.  He did not specifically say who would do that.  I also wonder why legal accusations have not been made.  If I lied and did this to an individual I would have my behind sued off.
I really believe that Reid is directed on how to approach the Health Care issue.  Things have been tried and the majority of the people want the Public Option.  Maybe the leash has been loosened.
Have you heard the song "Riot" by Three Days Grace?

admitting (0.00 / 0)
Speaking of lies and deceity, Ms. Palin threw out death panels again. She's the one that's being evil.

[ Parent ]




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