GOP Delegate Counts

Update 5/4: This page will no longer be updated. The GOP delegate count in the sidebar will be updated, based on Green Papers. State-by-state results can be found at Green Papers.

New Hampshire11342
South Carolina5000
Puerto Rico23
Virgin Islands1125
District of Columbia910
North Carolina292796
Northern Marianas9
North Dakota110
American Samoa9
New York905
Rhode Island1135

1237 to Win.
(Note: Does not show 8 delgates for Carson, 4 for Bush, and 1 each for Paul, Huckabee, and Fiorina, who have all suspended their campaigns).

(Pledged delegate counts from Green Papers).

Democratic Delegate Counts can be found here.

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11 thoughts on “GOP Delegate Counts

  1. tmess2

    While at the end of the day, one delegate may not matter, the Nevada results are a good example of how every vote matters. In the battle for the 30th delegate, it appears that Carson edged out Cruz by 20 votes, roughly one vote per county.

  2. utopian indigent

    Why do these delegate counts differ from the AP delegate counts everybody else are using (Trump 382,Cruz 300)? What is the actual delegate count going through to the convention then?

    1. Matt Post author

      if you provide a source for your AP count, then we can do a state-by-state compare and figure out the difference. We use Green Papers for our delegate numbers. (Link now added). I will note that there is some debate about 5 LA delegates, as the rules there are unclear, but don’t know if that’s the cause of any discrepancy.

        1. utopian indigent

          Good grief, how are these wildly divergent delegate counts going to be resolved before the GOP conference? A candidate could easily have 1237 delegates in reality while AP and others report 1220 of even 1205 at this rate. Who’s going to sort this out?

  3. utopian indigent

    Hi Matt, that would be fantastic!! You’re the only one among all the websites who’s willing to react and fix this. Here’s a very popular count which says they base it on AP:
    Here’s an independent guy who has another count which looks even “better” than yours (but sadly this means there’s even a third version of the totals): p://
    Note the big differences on Louisiana.

    I would be so grateful to have this sorted out. Nobody but you seem to be able, let alone willing, to get this right. There is a telling difference between the various versions of the delegate count, as much as 9 per candidate (before AP suddenly corrected Massachucetts overnight, the difference was even bigger.

  4. utopian indigent

    I now agree with your delegate count, and AP has corrected all of their previous errors. So a lot of progress has been made; I just don’t know why it takes so long. However, now we have a new backlog on AP, this time a tidy and clean backlog: The 3 NRP delegates for the winner in each of Hawaii and Mississippi haven’t been allocated though the count is 100% complete. Therefore all the other major websites allocate 6 delegates less to Trump, than you have. Fox News broadcast with great glee that “Cruz is still less than 100 adrift” and people believe that. Meantime even a cursory glance would reveal that your count is correct, and Cruz is now 102 behind. Doesn’t that boil down to unethical journalism by Fox?
    Thanks for maintaining some sanity amidst this disgraceful business of (purposefully) miscounting delegates.

    1. Matt Post author

      It’s not purposeful. Some of it is stupidity, some of it is unclear rules, and some of it is people making different assumptions about those rules. I wouldn’t worry so much about the differences. Most of them get worked out over time, while some may not get resolved until the delegates actually vote. The campaigns likely also have their own counts, and they will make decisions based on those numbers, not on numbers from any specific media site.

      1. utopian indigent

        No, actually, now the AP delegate count has gone completely bonkers or tries to push Cruz: The Cruz-Trump difference this morning is suddenly 24 delegates different from your/Green Paper count. I’ve written to everyone and on every forum but they don’t care.

        I think it’s intentional. It’s now swaying too much to one side to be coincidental.

        Please have a look: Someone should do something.

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