The Pelosi Club is back

Long-time readers of DCW will fondly remember The Pelosi Club from 2008:

This is a list of superdelegates who have specifically committed to vote for the leader in pledged delegates. It is named the “Pelosi Club”, in honor of its first two members Nancy Pelosi and Christine Pelosi.

Well we have our first official member in 2016:

Carolyn Dwyer, a top political aide to [Sen. Pat] Leahy, said the senator had “given his personal support to Senator Clinton. His delegate vote will go to the candidate with the most pledged delegates at Convention.”

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3 thoughts on “The Pelosi Club is back

    1. Matt Post author

      Morillo never specifically says he will vote the leader in pledged delegates. The closest he comes is:

      In the unlikely event of the convention coming down to superdelegates deciding over the will of the voting electorate of primary and caucus goers, I would not participate in that. What that means, who the heck knows. It’s a far-fetched hypothetical.

      ‘Voting electorate of primary and caucus goers” is a very vague statement, but is clearly not “pledged delegates”. I would also note, that even if Sanders went ahead of Clinton in pledged delegates, she would likely remain far ahead in actual votes, as Sanders has picked up a dis-proportionate share of his delegates in caucuses, where the actual vote counts are very small.

      So thanks for the link, but Morillo doesn’t qualify for the Pelosi Club.

  1. UserFriendly

    Eh, whatever the complete disrespect of the voters by most of the super delegates in my state is reason enough for me not to vote for them or any other democrat anyway. No wonder more then half of Millennials Identify as independents. The elections are fixed, the economy only works for rich people. Interesting to watch an empire in decline though.

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