UPDATED: SCORE: Cleveland 400, Philadelphia 11

Update: A friend from Cleveland has informed me that the arrest number I heard for Cleveland on the radio is incorrect: rather it was 23 arrests. He was kind enough to send the list of those arrested, which you can read here. I regret the error. 

In this case, the lower number wins. There were 400 23 total arrests in Cleveland, and only 11 in Philadelphia for the RNC and DNC, respectively.

I wasn’t in Cleveland, and so can’t speak to it, but here in Philly, the cops, State Troopers, Homeland Security, Secret Service, and TSA people were really great. It was incredibly hot, and the Philadelphia police, as of Tuesday night, had given out 110,000 bottles of water to protesters and marchers. The idea was to keep order while still respecting people’s constitutionally-guaranteed right to protest. I spoke to many officers walking by their areas. No one had an attitude, and all they cared about was safety for all: the attendees, the locals going about their business, the protesters, and their own.

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